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Ann Elizabeth is The Founder & President of; RealOron International Ministries, Inc.® 




RealOron International Ministries, Inc.® 

501 (c)(3) Tax Exempt Public Charity

Evangelism | Discipleship Ministry

 "A Kingdom Storehouse - Destroying Lack of Knowledge Globally."



I am so glad you are here.    

I have created many things, with you – on my mind.


Like yourself I was looking for the origin of life, the truth of existence, and pure - clear direction.

One great day in 2001, God walked right through this Christians lonely, dark, sinful, cottage walls;

To bring me what I did not possess. That something was – knowledge.


I learned that day that life was much more than just trying to make it, day after day.

I found out there was more to see; than we could see.

I discovered the real life – behind the veil of existence.

My eyes were uncovered to see our Creator, and his beautiful angels.


I was also given a tour of both Heaven and Hell.

I was loved, taught, corrected and instructed – in order for my soul to enter within,

The gates of Heaven; upon my eventual departure from the earth.

I was also miraculously healed, from a severe domestic violence assault.


My life was then infused with God’s desire, love and sorrow over you; his beautiful creation.

He longs for you to know him; for only then do you possess what he yearns for you to have;

Which is eternal life with him, and every good thing he desires to bless you with here;

Upon the earth.


Please enjoy my three testimonial books – “Real God,” “Boots & Lipstick" and “The Road Up.”

These volumes will edify, and strengthen your life.


I have also written 86 other books, for your knowledge, safekeeping and success;

Including my:

 Twelve volume series; "Preparing The Bride."

Five volume series - "Kings."


Three volume series - "The Collection."


You will also find on RealOron; Blog's, Bible Study's, Weekly Inspiration, Prayer,

Audio & Media Presentations,

Along With Church Resources, Evangelism & Discipleship Tools;

For your development, transformation, safety, success and eternal life.